Amaranth & Goji Squares

A super easy and delicious snack made from Amaranth grains. Check it out.

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8 Healthy Alternatives to Maggi!

Since the Maggi fiasco broke out we have all been searching for alternatives. Somewhere deep in our hearts, we always knew that Maggi is not really good for us ! But since it has been a part of lives since eternity, we were pretending that ‘all is well’ and continued to be faithful to it. […]

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Bananarama – Health Shake – Super Easy, Super Quick!

How to: Place 1 peeled frozen banana, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 2 tablespoons cacao powder, and 1/3 cup water into a blender.Blend until smooth. Serves 1. Extras: Throw in 2 tablespoons shredded, unsweetened coconut, a handful of raw almonds, pinch ground cinnamon, or 2 tablespoons rolled oats. Recipe & Image Courtesy:

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Candied fruits – A Sweet Villain!

Nowadays, you go to any supermarket or gourmet stores or even your friendly neighborhood grocery store and you will find a wide variety of candied fruits.
Tempting and colorful packs of candied apples, pears, oranges, lemons, pineapples and whatnot beckon you to try them.
But before jumping to the conclusion that, “hey, they are fruits so they are good for me” do go through the ingredients list.