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How To Cook Millets – An Easy Step By Step Guide.

Wondering how to cook millets. This article will guide you through an easy step by step guide to cooking millets. It super easy, fun and healthy!

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Foxtail Millet – A Nutritional Powerhouse

Foxtail Millet (Thinai:Tamil,  Korra:Telugu, Navane:Kannada, Kang:Marathi) is the second-most widely planted millet in the world. They are high in Iron content and are totally pest-free. They aid in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels & increase HDL cholesterol. Health Benefits Of Foxtail Millet: Crop Protein(g) Fat (g) Fiber(g) Minerals(g) Iron(mg) Calcium(mg) Calories (kcal) Foxtail Millet […]