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5 Delicious Traditional Indian Rice Varieties You Should Try Today

Indians and rice are actually synonyms. Every Indian state has its own rice variety which is native to it and there is certainly a local delicacy made from it. On a recent visit to north east i visited a museum where over 100+ ingenious traditional rice varieties was on display. This was just from one […]

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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Black Rice

Black rice or forbidden rice (chinese) is a rare but a very old variety of rice which has been grown in India for centuries. It is mainly grown in the North east (called as Chak Hao) and the southern parts (called as Kavuni~Tamil) of India.

Simply put when looking at rice varieties look at the color of the rice, the darker the shade of rice the more nutrition it has. By that yard stick Black Rice is the gold standard in rice varieties.

So let us look at some of the health benefits of this amazing rice.

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How To Cook Millets – An Easy Step By Step Guide.

Wondering how to cook millets. This article will guide you through an easy step by step guide to cooking millets. It super easy, fun and healthy!