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13 Simple Home Remedies using Neem Oil

In ancient Vedas, neem tree is referred to “Sarva Roga Nirvarini” – one capable of curing every illness and ailments. It has been used in India since thousands of years and is used extensively in many Ayurveda medicines for its disease fighting properties. Neem oil is derived by pressing the seed kernels of the neem tree.  It […]

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Introducing The “Happy Nut” oil a.k.a Pistachio oil – Recipes and Health Benefits

The pistachio is known as the “happy nut” in China because its cracked shell looks like a smile, and because it tastes so good. Wonderfully delicious pistachio nuts have long been the symbol of wellness since ancient times. Pistachio oil extracted from the kernels is one of the healthiest oils. It has a luxurious deep green color […]