About Us

Naturally Yours began in Mar 2010. The idea behind starting Naturally Yours was simple, we wanted customers to be able to access all stuff organic in one single place. We started out as a brick and mortar model as we wanted the customers to touch and feel the product and decide for themselves how different organic products were from the conventional ones they were buying from the local markets.

Founded by Mr. Vinod Kumar & Ms. Priya Prakash, Naturally Yours today is India’s premier online portal to buy organic food, personal care & wellness products. Through their passion for organic and natural products Naturally Yours today has grown from a single store in Mumbai to a premier online portal with thousands of customers in over 23 states and union territories.

Over the years we have added over 1500+ products and work with over 50+ brands and hundreds of farmers/farmer groups across India. In spite of the scale of products and operations we have a very simple rule when we add any new product/category or brand. FRESH, SAFE AND HEALTHY. All our products have to be as fresh as possible, be safe from harmful chemicals/additives/coloring agents and have a positive impact on our customers, farmers and community at large. Only when a product meets all this criteria do we take any product on board.

Apart from the obsession of Organic products, we at Naturally Yours are obsessed about one more thing “CUSTOMER SERVICE”. Every day at Naturally Yours, the team takes utmost care to ensure customer delight at every step of interaction and buying at Naturally Yours. For us customer is not only a GOD but also a part of our family.

Through Naturally Yours we wish to achieve great health & prosperity for all our customers, farmer brothers/sisters & make a positive impact to the Indian society overall.

We thank you for taking time to reading about us.

Warm Regards,

Vinod, Priya & Entire Team @ Naturally Yours

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