How To Lose Weight Like Crazy with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar?


Woman measuring waist

Weight management is an issue that most of us are grappling with.

As per government of India stats India is the 3rd most obese country in the world!

Ironic as it may sound, I graduated from trying to put on weight (since I have been skinny all my life) to trying to reduce the inches off my baby belly post delivery.

I am not a diet person so I have never been able to reduce my meal portions or stay away from the tempting (read fattening) desserts.

So, I have been religiously following a few habits like snacking on fruits or nuts instead of binging on chaat in the evening, taking the stairs whenever possible, walking to and from our office instead of driving (the distance is barely 3 kms).

One other thing i use regularly is Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. It is an amazing potion that helps me lose…

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