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How Do I include Organic In My Daily Routine ?

The great Greek philosopher Socrates once said ” Let food be Thy medicine”. Well in fact if you dwell a little bit into ancient Hindu scriptures you will find the same thing.

Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of customers and most of them ask us one question “How do I include organic in my daily routine”.


“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” – Hippocrates

Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of customers and most of them ask us one question “How do I include organic in my daily routine?”.

To answer this question we also need to look at “why”. I have listed below in the order of its importance 3 basic categories that you should consider converting to organic (daily).

Organic Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are one of the most important sources of essential vitamins and minerals for the human body. Also it is something that we consume in good quantities throughout the month.

But over the years we have seen that due to intensive chemical farming in the name of green revolutions, large traces of heavy metals and chemicals have found their way in our vegetables and fruits.

A study by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India under the Union agriculture ministry threw up some rather disturbing facts about the presence of banned pesticides in vegetables and fruits more than 1000 times than the permissible limits. The findings are based on random samples which were collected all over the country.

metails in veg fruits
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So the first thing that i would suggest any body who wants to include organic as part of their daily routine is change to “organic vegetables and fruits”. Buy them from your local organic farmer or your farmers market. This way you can avoid a whole harmful chemicals in your body.

Organic Milk

After vegetables and fruits we consume Milk the most as a part our daily diet. In fact India is the worlds largest producer of Milk. But here again over the years there has adulteration, what with cows being injected with hormonal injections to produce more to more dangerous forms of adulteration where the milk is mixed with substances with help increase the quantity. In fact a report by FSSAI concluded that 70% of milk in Delhi and the country where found to be adulterated.

Hence it is only advisable that the next thing to add to your “daily organic” list is MILK. Ideally you can buy from “organic certified” cow milk vendors like Govind and others across the country. Most metro cities in India now have a brand of organic cow milk. Be sure to give a couple of them a try before finalizing a brand.

Organic Staples & Grocery

The third and final thing that you should change as a part of your daily diet is switching to organic staples and grocery.

If you have every watched the popular TV show by Aamir Khan Satyamev Jayate then be sure to catch the episode on Poison On Our Plate This show captures the very essence of problem in the Indian agriculture today.

So, there it is first change your vegetables and fruits, then milk and finally move to organic staples and grocery.

Do let me know your comments and inputs below.

Vinod Kumar.C

Founder, Naturally Yours.

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