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8 Healthy Alternatives to Maggi!


Since the Maggi fiasco broke out we have all been searching for alternatives. Somewhere deep in our hearts, we always knew that Maggi is not really good for us ! But since it has been a part of lives since eternity, we were pretending that ‘all is well’ and continued to be faithful to it. Now that our worst fears have been scientifically proven, its time that we explore other options.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 8 alternatives to Maggi that are not only easy to make but are healthy and nutritious too.

1.   Khichdi/Pongal


This simple one pot meal combining the goodness of rice and moong dal is the ultimate comfort food. For variations  you could add vegetables or replace rice with any of the millets to make nutritious millet dishes like Foxtail millet pongal, Kodo millet pongal etc.

2.   Soups

Chicken soup

Take out time to make a healthy bowl of soup with veggies or chicken. Keep it simple and make it fresh every time. Soups are easy to make and at the same time nutritious and filling.

3.   Rava Idli


Rava idli is a tastier variation of the popular South Indian breakfast item, idli. It does not require any elaborate grinding like the traditional idli and can be prepared in a jiffy. Try the easy to cook and prepare Organic Rava Idli Mix that helps you make soft Rava idlis in 10-15 minutes!

4.   Poha


Kanda poha or onion poha is a popular maharashtrian breakfast recipe which is easy to make and delicious. Give it healthy twist by making it with red or brown poha.

5.   Oats upma

oats upma

Oats upma is a nutritious quick fix dish which can be whipped up in a jiffy. Add some chopped vegetables and garnish with grated coconut to make it absolutely scrumptious.

6.   Sevai/Vermicelli

sevai upma

Sevai, which is rice noodles popular in South India, makes for a light, filling and quick-fix breakfast meal.

7.  Porridge


Just like soups, porridge is easy to make and wholesome. You can make it healthier by grinding in some cereals, oats, millets and spices. Keep this mixture and use it for a week.

8.   Ragi Dosa


This nutritious variety of dosa is made of Ragi which is a rich source of calcium and is extremely good for vegetarians. The easy to cook Organic Ragi Dosa Mix which helps you make crisp organic dosas quickly!

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