Body Care

Be Monsoon Ready – Naturally Yours way

At last, the monsoon is here and we have some respite from the scorching heat!!!! Having grown up in Bangalore (with its amazing climate) and settled in Mumbai (ohh the heat ; is the fan even on), I eagerly wait for the monsoon every year. I must have passed it on to my kids too, because any given chance and they run outside to get drenched in the rain.

However monsoon does bring with it its own set of problems be it bad hair days, greasy skin, acne, cold and smelly feet etc. The humid and damp weather takes a toll on the skin. So we have compiled a list of some must have Monsoon essentials to pamper your body.

1.   Eye – Care


Spruce up your Monsoon look with a burst of natural colours into your beauty regimen. Choose your pick from 12 fabulous shades of Soultree kohl eye liners that also double up as eye shadow on the go.

2. Skin care 


The high humidity can cause excessive sweating which in turn leads to a build-up of  dirt, dust and grime along with other toxins on the surface of your skin. So using a gentle cleanser like Omved Deep Facial Cleanser is important during the monsoon to keep your skin soft, smooth and fresh.

3. Hair Care


Hair problems during this season can range from either itchy scalp and frizzy unmanageable hair or perennially greasy and lifeless hair or the worst one of them all -Hair fall. Regularly washing your hair with a mild shampoo such as Nyassa Hibiscus shampoo can help to combat the above issues.

4. Foot Care


Our feet need the utmost care during monsoon. Getting feet wet in the rain can cause bacterial and fungal infections like ring worm, itching and redness and not to mention smelly feet can happen. Wash your feet immediately after getting back home and Pamper them with La Flora Pain & Cold Relief- Detox Foot Soak. It not only rejuvenates cold, achy and smelly feet but also lifts up your mood.

5. Body Mists


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