8 Things You Can Recycle At Home!

“Recycle”  this word enunciates many different feelings for different people. For me it is the way of life, because all my life my parents have been including it in their life. Guess it is one of the lucky things you get in inheritance when you are part of a middle class Indian family.

My mother is my inspiration to ” recycle & reuse” everything that comes her way!

Here are some inspirations from my personal life and things that i do even till date.

1. Reuse Paper


Paper is made from Trees and so super special and limited. First things first make sure you use both sides of sheet. If thats done it can be used to clean your table and if you are done cleaning put in in a composting pot!

2. Reuse plastic tubs & cans.


As a kid i used to see my mom using all kinds of plastic tubs and cans to put stuff right from Flours, spices to her personal jewelry. Thus she saved loads of money on unwanted storage and also contributed in her own small way towards the environment.

3. Old Newspaper.


Just like paper, you can reuse news paper in just about everything. From using it to make a grocery bag to using it to clean glass doors!

4. Old Clothes


It super easy to recycle old clothes into cleaning mats or just donate them, most orphanages even offer to pick it up from your home.

5. Ink Cartridges


Ink cartridges of printers are expensive, so print only stuff you need. In this digital world it is very easy to go without them. But in case you do use them, ensure that you have them refilled at your local outlets it a lot easier and saves so much of your money. If you find that difficult just buy a simple refill kit and do it yourself at home.

6. Water


Water is extremely important to all of us and we must ensure it is reused and recycled in every way. You can build/install a very simple rain water harvest at your own. This ensures you have plenty of water throughout summer and you do not have a pay a penny to use it!

7. Tires


Recycling old tires is super easy and cool. Donate it to a park for making a swing.

8. Books


If you are not a e-book fan then you probably have loads of books (fiction & non-fiction) at your home. One of the best ways of reading a book is to pass it around. In my family if we buy a book then we pass it around, till atleast over 10 people have read it! Post that you can just donate it at a local library.

Hope you found these suggestions super easy to implement!

Vinod Kumar

Founder, Naturally Yours

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