5 Easy Tips On Weight Management

If you are like me, who tends to put on weight easily then this article is perfect for you. Whenever somebody says “manage your weight”, the first that does come to most our minds is to run away and hide under the table! This is because our thinking of weight management has kind of become an ego issue a statement on our “being lazy”.

So I thought to myself, what really matters is “being healthy” and weight management is just a small part of the overall picture.

So over a period of time I have devised ways in which my concentration is on the overall picture of a healthier life rather than just lose weight. 

1) Eat Right – The No.1 advice you will hear from most nutritionist is “eat right”. Now this does not mean starve yourself. Remember the goal here is not “size zero” but a healthy body. So eating right means eat everything in moderation and avoiding junk food and replacing them with healthier versions. For example instead of a soda you can go in for a cold green tea or better still cold water!

2) Include exercise in your daily routine – If you are like me, then you are somebody who hates going to a gym. So what I did was simple, I walk to my office (about 45 min daily). If you cannot walk to your office then just walk to the bus stop or train station or just walk while talking on your mobile. All these are easy to include exercise routines in your day to day life.

3) Don’t Skip Meals (Esp. Breakfast) – Never miss your meal, because I have always found that we tend to eat way more when we are super hungry and that fattier the food the better the satisfaction of fulfilling the hunger craving. So ensure you eat on time, ALWAYS. In case you are stuck in a important meet, just sneak in a health bar or have a fruit instead, this will help you NOT feel super hungry later.

4) Drink Plenty Of Water – Water is a god’s gift to human. Our body is almost 80% water. Re-hydrating yourself every morning helps with great digestion and thus your first meal of the day is going to be absorbed well by your body. Drinking plenty of water also means your body is rid of all toxins that are generated by stress and eating wrong food during the day. I typically have 5-6 liters of water daily and feel that it has a therapeutic effect on my body.

5) Get a good night’s sleep – In my experience having a great night’s sleep is extremely important on how my day starts. If you feel fresh in the morning, then you start your day on time, eat the most important meal your breakfast on time and then have time for small chores and plan for the entire day ahead on time. A bad night sleep has always a negative impact on your day and hence your food! Research shows that we always crave for comfort food (read fatty food) when we are upset or things don’t go our way.

Vinod Kumar

Naturally Yours


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