Holi Colors

Holi – Play It with, Safe Non-Toxic Colors

Holi- The festival of colors, which marks the advent of spring, is around the corner. Traditionally it was played with natural dyes made from flowers. In Vrindavan for example, holi is still celebrated according to tradition, with rose petals and tuber rose.

But today, tradition has been replaced with toxic and synthetic Holi colours, which are available in the market, These chemicals colors, made from substances like industrial dyes are not only a health hazard but also contribute to significant amount of pollution of local water sources.

We are also exposing our children to the toxic effects which come from touching and inhaling these chemicals.

Below we have listed a list of chemicals usually found in colors and their harmful effects on humans.

Black Lead Oxide Hurts Kidney & Brain, Cancer causing substance.
Green Copper Sulphate Swelling Of Eyes & sometimes temporary blindness.
Silver Aluminum Bromide Carcinogenic substance, may lead to cancer.
Red Mercury Sulphide Causes Skin Cancer
Violet Chromium Iodide Causes Asthma & Allergy.

Source: toxicslink & greenbhu

Instead of chemical colors, choose Eco-friendly, non toxic Holi colors. These colors are usually vegetable & plant parts like Haldi, Kumkum, Indigo, Rice, Arrowroot etc they will not harm your skin at all and consume 50% less water to wash off.

Hence this Holi be wise and choose only herbal non-toxic Holi colors which are derived from natural sources and are safe for you, your family & environment.

Wishing You A Safe Holi!

Team Naturally Yours

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